Letter from the board

Ladies and Gentlemen Thank you for your participation in the 4th ASZWM meeting in KL, Malaysia. It was nice to see you and discuss the various issues of conservation medicine. According to the host university (UPM), the total number of participants was 320, of which 125 were from foreign countries, 85 were ASZWM members and 40 were from the Malaysia Technical Cooperative Program (MTCP). They (UPM) were very glad to see the rooms for wildlife session constantly full as many participants (including those that were not ASZWM members) were interested in the subjects. Without troubles such as internet deficiency, sudden cancellation of welcome party etc., we managed to hold a very fruitful meeting with the cooperation of many people. Thank you for your cooperation! 

At lunch time on August 1st, the ASZWM boards met and decided on various issues:   

1.The new Board of Directors for 2011-2015: 
Secretary general Dr. Kimura Junpei (Seoul National University, Korea) 
Senior Board Dr. Yanai Tokuma (ASWPP, Gifu University, Japan) (ASWPP, Fund raising) 
Dr. Achariya Sailasuta (Chulalongkorn University)(ASWPP, Pathology networking) 
Dr. Jason Chin (Taipei Zoo) (Zoo networking) 
Dr. Ki Jeong NA (Chungbuk National University, Korea) (Public relations ) 
Dr. Paolo Martelli (Ocean Park Corporation, Hong Kong) (Zoo networking) 
Dr. S. Agungpriyono (Bongor Agricultural University, Indonesia) 
Dr. Takami Kazutoshi (Tenoji Zoo, Japan) (Zoo networking) 
Dr. I.P.Dhakal (Rampur Campus Rampur Chitwan, Nepal) 
Dr. Khin Maung Win (Wildlife Veterinarian, Myanmar) (Zoo networking)   

2. The 5th workshop will be in Nepal in 2011, chaired by Dr. I.P. Dhakal. Dr. Dhakal introduced Nepal during the workshop. Shortly we will let you know detail of the workshop by email or home page of ASZWM.   

3. The 6th workshop will be held in Singapore in 2013.   

4. Role of ASZWM board was decided. 
1) Arranging ASZWM meeting by deciding on the host, the location (country), and the time (year.) 2) Strengthening ties among Asian organizations for Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 
3) Providing information about Asian zoo and wildlife medicine. 
4) Publishing internet on-line newsletters for zoo and wildlife medicine 
5) Supporting young people who are interested in zoo and wildlife medicine 
6) Foundation of diploma for Asian Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians 
7) Networking for “One World One Health” should be established for Asian conservation medicine. We aim to communicate more through the Home page (www.aszwm.org) 

Thank again you for your support for the Asian Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. 

Tokuma Yanai, Senior board 
Junpei Kimura, Secretary General