2011 ASZWM Workshop (5th) in Nepal

5th Asian Workshop on Zoo and Wildlife Medicine/ Conservation in Nepal 2011

'One World One Health in Asia'


Hosted by Rampur Campus (TU) and other Nepali associations for natural conservation, the 5th Asian Workshop on Zoo and Wildlife Medicine/Conservation will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal, with a focus on Asian conservation medicine such as wild bird medicine, zoo medicine, bear conservation, establishment of an Asian diplomacy system, and other topics of interest. We expect a great event !


20th –25th October 2011


October 20: Arrival October 21-22: Workshops 1 and 2 October 23: Visiting 1 (Nagarkot and Bhaktapur) October 24-25: Visiting 2 (Chitwan National Park)

▷ MEETING PLACE (Changed !)

Oct 21: Hotel Himalaya 【 Kupondole Height, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal 】 Oct 22: Yala Maya Kendra (Dhokaima restaurant) 【 Patan Dhoka, Laritpur, Kathmandu, Nepal 】 Patan is separated from Kathmandu by the Bagmati River and is the second largest town in the valley. Patan has a long Buddhist history, and the four corners of the city are marked by Stupas said to have been erected by the great Buddhist emperor Ashoka around 250BC. Durbar square is the heart of Patan. From here, four main roads lead to the four Ashoka Stupas. Kathmandu buses stop at Patan Dhoka, 15 mins walk from Patan Durbar square. Nepal’s only zoo is also located at this region. It is at the southwestern of the Patan.


Oral presentations will be in English, with poster presentations also available.



Chair person: Dr. I. P. Dhakal, Rampur Campus Dear colleagues,It is my pleasure to invite all of you to the upcoming 5th ASZWM Workshop, which will be held for the first time in South Asia. Various species of wild animals are targeted for conservation. In preparing to attend the conference, please be sure that you have complied with all the necessary instructions for submitting abstracts and have noted the information pertaining to accommodations and travel. We hope you will come to see the magnificent nature of the Himalaya, as well as the rainforests in Chitwan National Park and Wildlife Conservation Reserve.I am looking forward to seeing you at the meeting and having many opportunities to talk with you in Kathmandu, Nepal. I hope you will take advantage of this workshop to explore the latest developments in your area of concern, and to exchange information with your colleagues and the scientists of this region. Thank you. Dr. I. P. Dhakal, Campus Chief, Rampur Campus, Tribuvan University (TU), Chitwan Nepalipdhakal@yahoo.com Cell Phone: 9855056168 Dr. Maheshwar Dhakal, DNPWC (Secretary) Dr. Subir Singh, Rampur Campus (Treasurer) Ms. Sarita Jnawali, Kathmandu Central Zoo Dr. Santa Raj Jnawali, National Trust for Nature ConservationDr. Adarsha Pradhan, Nepal Veterinary Association Dr. Chandra Dhakal, DLS Dr. Kamal Gairhe, National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) Dr. Ghana Shyam Gurung, WWF Nepal Dr. T. Yanai, ASZWM, ASZWPP, ASZWPP, Gifu University Dr. J. Kimura, ASZWM, Seoul National University Dr. K. Takami, ASZWM, Osaka Tennoji Zoo Dr. K. shmizu, ASZWM, Okayama Science University Dr. K.J. Na, ASZWM, Chungbuk National University

▷Registration fee

Citizens of Nepal NR 1000 International participants USD 50 International students USD 20

▷Deadline for registration and paper (extended)

June 15, 2011 --> August 31, 2011 Inquiries: Dr. T. Yanai, Dr. J. Kimura and Dr. I.P. Dhakal


October 20: Arrival October 21-22: Workshops 1 and 2 October 23: Visiting 1 (Nagarkot and Bhaktapur) October 24-25: Visiting 2 (Chitwan National Park) To register from overseas, contactDr. T. Yanai (Gifu University), email: yanai@gifu-u.ac.jp Dr. J. Kimura (Seoul National University), E-mail: jay.kimura@mac.comPlease send the registration form to both (T. Yanai and J. Kimura) to ensure comprehensive communication. *Registration form: ASZWM_registration.doc

▷Excursions (Optional)

1. A half-day trip to Nagarkot (to see the Himalayas) and Bhaktapur (architecture)Bus transportation, optional US$ 50 Nagarkot + US$ 15 (Entrance fee to Bhaktapur) 2. Chitwan Wildlife Conservation Park