2015 meeting in Myanmar

The 2nd Announcement for

  Asian Society of Conservation Medicine (ASCM) Annual Meeting is back again! While the last year Tam Dao (Vietnam) refreshing atmosphere might still lingering in your mind, this year without exceptional, more excitingly in a venue that will absolutely impressed you, where we all are going to gather together again to share our knowledge, experiences and new findings in numerous interesting topics. At the same time is also an opportunity of catching up with friends and connecting with others around. Let us enjoy this coming intellectual meeting while indulging ourselves into the truly Myanmar’s nature and culture together which is coming very soon.  

A word from the board of members

Dear colleagues, Hosted by Myanmar Veterinary Association (MVA), ASCM/ACCM, Yangon Zoo  and University of Veterinary Science Yezin, the 8th Asian Meeting on Conservation Medicine will be held on 15th-19th October in Naypidaw (Capital city) and Yangon Zoo with the focus on “One health in Asia” that including zoo and wildlife medicine, wildlife management, ecosystem preservation, as well as zoonosis control, and other regional topics of interest. Myanmar is an old country with long history, and also with a new dynamic change of its social systems. It will be a great pleasure to see you in this mysterious country with various unknown natural resources and places to discuss various issues on conservation medicine in Asia. In addition to the annual ASCM meeting on 17th -19th October, we have planned a satellite pre-congress educational workshop (15th October) which will focus on zoo and wildlife medicine education for students of the University of Veterinary Science in Naypidaw. Additionally, a post-congress satellite workshop will also be held at Yangon Zoo (19th October) with a focus on “Bio-diversity in Myanmar”. Please consider to join this workshop. Thank you. Best regards, Prof. Tokuma Yanai (Senior Board Member) Prof. Junpei Kimura (Secretary General)  
Organizing committee (ASCM) 

- Prof. Tokuma Yanai (Senior Board, Gifu University, Japan)

- Prof. Junpei Kimura (Secretary General, Seoul National University, Korea)

- Asst.Prof. Nabin Rayamajhi (Vice Secretary General, Patan Academy of Health Science, Nepal)

- Dr. Toshio Mizoguchi, Fukushima Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Japan

- Prof. Na Ki Jeong (Chungbuk National University, Korea)

- Dr. Alice Lau (Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia and Seoul National University, Korea)

Organizing committee (Local, Myanmar)

- Dr. Saw Plei Saw (Chief Advisor)

- Prof. Dr. Tin Tin Myaing (President, Myanmar Veterinary Association)

- Prof. Dr. Ye Htut Aung (Pro Rector, Academic Affairs, University of Veterinary Science)

- Dr. Soe Minn( Secretary, Myanmar Veterinary Association)

- Dr. Khyne U Mar (Advisor of ASCM)

- Mr. Saw Eh Mular (Yangon Zoological Gardens, Htoo Group of Companies)

- Dr. Tun Myint (Yangon Zoological Gardens, Htoo Group of Companies)

- Dr. Khin Maung Win (Board of ASCM)

- Dr. Tint Lwin (Wildlife Conservation Society)

- Mr. Wynn Than (Local Advisor of ASCM)

Conference Chair and Secretaries

- Chair: Prof. Dr. Tin Tin Myaing

- Secretary: Prof. Dr. Ye Htut Aung (Secretary for One Health Workshop)

- Secretary: Dr. Tun Myint (Secretary for ASCM conference)

- Joint Secretary: Dr. Soe Minn

Hosted by:

-  Asian Society of Conservation Medicine (ASCM)

-  Myanmar Veterinary Association (MVA)

-  University of Veterinary Science (UVS)

-  Yangon Zoological Gardens, Htoo Group of Companies

-  Federation of Asian Veterinary Association (FAVA)

-  Asian Association of Veterinary Schools (AAVS)

-  Asian College of Conservation Medicine (ACCM)

  Supported by: 

-Japanese Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine

-Korean Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine

-Gifu University, Japan

-Seoul National University (SNU), Korea

-Federation of Asian Veterinary Association (FAVA)

-Taipei Zoo, Taiwan



♦ Events at glance ♦


15th October 2015

Pre-congress Educational Workshop “One Health Education in Asia-Pacific”  University of Veterinary Science, Yezin, Naypidaw, Myanmar.  Warmly welcoming the participations from Myanmar veterinary students, zoo veterinarians and anyone who are interested to join the “One Health Education in Asia-Pacific” workshop at UVS. This workshop is generously supported by FAVA, Gifu University and UVS. Title: The Significance of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (Conservation Medicine) in AsiaTime: 09:00-15:00 Venue: Lecture Theatre, University of Veterinary Science (UVS), Yezin, Naypidaw (http://www.uvsyezin.edu.mm/) Objective: Education on zoo and wildlife medicine in Asia is not always perfect, and its significance has sometimes been ignored, which needs to be addressed. This annual meeting of ASCM will features a pre-conference event with international specialists as an introduction to zoo and wildlife medicine. The main expecting participants will be veterinary students from the University of Veterinary Science (UVS) and veterinarians from Myanmar zoos (Naypidaw Zoo) and wildlife rescue centers. This educational symposium will be held owing to the strong support from FAVA. Welcome Speech: • Prof. Dr. Mar Mar Win, Rector, University of Veterinary Science • OIE Regional Representative for Asia region • Assoc.Prof. Achariya Sailasuta (Secretary General, Federation of Asian Veterinary Association, FAVA) Lectures (Tentative): • Introduction of Wildlife Medicine (Dr. Toshio Tsubota, Hokkaido University, Japan) Introduction of Zoo Medicine (Dr. Paolo Martelli, Ocean Park Corporation, Hong Kong) • Application of wildlife medicine for the human society (Dr. Toshio Mizoguchi, Fukushima Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Japan) • General Concept for Conservation Medicine (Dr. Pam Whiteley, The University of Melbourne, Australia) • Conservation of Wildlife in Myanmar (Dr. Khyne U Mar, ASCM Advisor, Myanmar) • One Health Education in Asia (Prof. Dr. Junpei Kimura, ASCM Secretary General)

17th and 18th October 2015

Annual ASCM International Conference  Natural History Museum in Yangon Zoological Garden, Ken Yeik Thar Street, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon, Myanmar Expected session for this year ASCM meeting: 1. ASCM-WDA Joint Session for Asian Wildlife Diseases Surveillance: • Mycobacteriosis in zoo and wild animals Chaired by Dr. Wada and Dr. Ye Htut Aung • Prospects to establish wildlife diseases surveillance systems in Asia • A collaboration between ASCM and WDA for wildlife diseases surveillance in Asia; a report for 64th Annual meeting of WDA in Brisbane, Australia 2. Asian Bear Symposium Organized by Prof. Toshio Tsubota (tsubota@vetmed.hokudai.ac.jp) 3. Management and Conservation of Asian Elephant 4. Non-human Primate 5. Aquatic Medicine 6. Networking of Zoo Veterinarian Organized by Dr. Kazutoshi Takami (kazu@mx2.wt.tiki.ne.jp) 7. Zoo and Wildlife Medicine